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Program Audits

Handbook and Policy Reviews

Schools seeking to revise or remodel policies in student or personnel handbooks can benefit from an outsider’s view.  This work is completed through a series of phone calls or video chats before a detailed review of your written materials. We will provide a range of suggestions based on what you are hoping to achieve, from basic editing to a mission-driven audit of your policies as a whole.

Comprehensive Audits

We are also available for more comprehensive program audits of your student life, residential, extra-curricular, or faculty mentoring programs. We are happy to meet with you on campus to learn about your programs before working with you remotely to develop an audit complete with suggestions tailored to the goals of your program and the mission of your school. Audits are completed with your school’s culture and traditions in mind, and your plans for the future at the forefront.

Example of a campus visit for the Audit Process