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Our Approach

Our Mission Statement

Honoring the values of honesty, love, trust, and empathy, Outermost Education Services seeks to bring schools closer to realizing their own missions for student and community success. Our aim is to foster relationships rooted in a culture of open feedback to encourage growth for schools, students, and families.


An extra set of hands for
busy school leaders

Schools are constantly growing to meet the needs of our students. Rather than relying on a prepackaged approach, we seek to collaborate with educators throughout the process to provide a unique service as needed for each of our schools. We set out to cultivate an understanding of your school’s history, mission, and vision for the future before establishing a plan to generate engaging training sessions, inspiring mentoring experiences, and in-depth audits.

Support for the parents of boarding school students

Investing in your child’s education is more complicated than signing an enrollment contract and sending a check. Many parents need more support to adjust to having a child in boarding school, but the educators at your child’s school need to focus on the students first. Whether you need to talk through your adjustment, want help supporting your child through the inevitable ups and downs of a challenging new environment, or are curious to know what comes next, Jackie can help you work through it all so that you can be the parent your child needs, even if they are 3,000 miles away.

Image by Jeswin Thomas
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