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Professional Development


Our workshops are custom-designed to fit your school’s needs. Rather than lecturing, we deliver training through interactive discussions, small group work, and active self-discovery so that your faculty and staff enjoy their professional development experience and feel invested in their own growth as well as that of the school. Workshops are also available for groups of student leaders at your school!

We are happy to apply our same on-site workshop methods to create a web-based off-site experience. Through smaller group sessions, we can work virtually with your faculty to develop their skills and open up a dialog about improving the experience for your students.

"The conversations, information, simulations, and content we covered in our week with Jackie opened up our team’s eyes to life with students in boarding, and provided us with common language and practiced responses for when situations inevitably did arise. Our staff training provided us a solid springboard for the further development and design necessary for our new program. We could not be more grateful!" -Heather Patton-Graham,
Chaplin, 'Iolani School, HI

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